Can an edge screen on a Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 be replaced with a new screen

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus smart phone. Most of you probably know but the screen on The Edge is very different and unique. On both of the sides of the phone screen, it edges around, it curves around. The top and the bottom of the screen is flat like all traditional smartphones and even tablets like the iPad or a Samsung Smart Tablet. But as I described in articulated above the sides of the edge screen curve around they sort of bends around so to speak and that makes it very unique and different than all flat screens.
I'll get right to it I backed into it I went to my carrier Verizon and ask them about having the edge screen repaired of course by getting a replacement New Edge screen installed onto my phone. Verizon said they don't do it I don't have insurance so they referred me to Asurion Asurion insurance or of Verizon cell phones when the customer opted to take insurance and they're pretty much the provider for all of the phones at AT&T T-Mobile Sprint Boost Virgin Atlantic it's cetera. I am I need details Verizon when I work my way up the ladder to get it repaired or replaced with a new screen told me that approximately in the middle of October Samsung corporate send Verizon corporate a formal memorandum thats suspended the repair of all Samsung Edge phones indefinitely. So you know where I'm going with this but it's proof on the pudding Asurion said they do not fix or repair or replace phones that do not have the insurance contract with them. However they will kind an honest enough to share with me that of all the Samsung Edge Galaxy S6 and Galaxy s7's that have come in warranty replacement for broken screens that not even once have they ever repaired and replace the broken Edge screen with a replacement Samsung Edge screen. They told me the repair process a number of things I run through them quick it's virtually impossible it's technically impossible even the most highly trained and experienced talented repair Tech can't even effectively do it because the glass is bonded and it he's into the body of the phone and the frame and blah blah blah blah blah so again long story short every phone that was warranted for a broken Edge glass the customer was always given a brand new replacement Galaxy S 647 Edge or giving a certified pre-owned Galaxy S6 or S7 Edge phone never has a Syrian never even once been able to repair the broken screen by replacing it with a new replacement Edge screen. Sorry about that long-winded explanation. So next day call up a handful of local and highly respected repair shops that replace screens very simple whether it was my Apple Motorola flat screen Samsung so on and so forth you break it I fix it but when I inquired about the edge screen on the Samsung Galaxy I was basically told won't touch it can't be done and possible to fix you've got to come leave me a deposit will pay for it in full sign a bunch of things I'll try my best but if it doesn't work or the phone get some adversely affected and broken more sorry no refund and no liability on our part.

So I call back Samsung look I understand it's not a warranty issue even though I dropped it from 2 feet and the glass shattered I broke it I'll pay I just need to get it fixed but I can't find any place that fixes it where can I bring it. I'm sorry sir out of warranty items we don't repair they told me that about 15 times and I kept telling them I understand I'll pay for it it's my fault I want to know where do I bring it to get repaired who can fix it I'm sorry sir we don't fix out of warranty items. Finally Samsung suggested a third party unauthorized repair center the voids the warranty. The phone is $900 it's 2 months old simple enough it needs a replacement screen but apparently it's evident that Samsung does not make screens that can easily be replaced where the screen broke and in general the broken screen can be repaired by being replaced with a new one it seems like it's virtually impossible. At the same time there suspension of fixing all Samsung Edge phones is still indefinitely on until further notice Samsung is not repairing by replacement any edge screens that are "out of warranty".

And as I've said a few times already I'm sorry for being so repetitive I just can't believe that a company like Samsung who I've always loved and respected and used and purchased so many of their products it appears and it's evident that not one of their broken Edge screens was never repaired via replacement with a new Edge screen replacement part. Warranty broken screens and insured broken screens are we Satisfied by giving them either a brand new phone or a pre-owned certified phone which obviously doesn't have a broken screen.

I'm really angry and upset that Samsung is handling it this way but more important I'm willing to pay the $250 to $300 to fix it! Does anyone out there no right can get my broken Edge screen repaired via a replacement screen.

NPS Samsung did not do a recall on the edge phones can obviously is taking no responsibility for what I believe the fact is that a broken Edge screen cannot be repaired via a replacement of a new unbroken Edge screen. Absurd

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