Cannot download to a specified location

Hello Everyone,

Having been given a ZTE Blade L3 Android phone, following the loss of my Samsung mobile, I have ‘problems’!

I am well past my ‘sell-by date’ and find technical matters on this new phone very confusing, so I have joined this forum to try to find a solution.

I wrote to the Spanish (where I live) ZTE Customer Care and cannot get a sensible reply that will direct my to set the phone to download to a specified location. So I have joined the forum to try to sort out this problem.

I have browsed through the many answers to the question – “Why am I getting an insufficient space message on my phone when I have plenty of space left?” Asked on Oct 13 2014, and apart from not understanding the reference to “Rooting,” I don’t seem to find a suitable or working solution in the answers.

I have two main problems, but will deal with only one at this time.
1. Can’t download to a specified location.
2. Can’t connect to PC, or have the phone recognised when connected by USB, and upload or download photos etc.

I had to use my Gmail email address to open the phone (I was told.) I have managed to get a friend to help me to download, the App for my Hotmail and Yahoo email addresses. And also to download Skype and WhatsApp.

I want to use Firefox as my browser and I have Chrome installed.

When trying to un-install Chrome, I am warned that it might prevent other applications working. Thinking about why, I presume that I have to keep a Google email provider, and Chrome cannot be deleted for this reason.

I have the following storage details -

Firmware - Total 3.12GB. Available 0.00 B
Internal storage - Total 2.13GB. Available 211 MB
Phone storage - Total 2.75GB. Available 2.64 GB
SD card - Total 14.83 GB. Available 14.80GB
I have, therefore, a total of 17.44GB of free space available.

( I am aware of the difference between a Gb and a GB and a MB and a Mb – one is 8 times larger than the other, but that doesn’t apply as they are not shown in the statistics on the phone.)

Under Settings/Storage, I have a heading “Default Write Disc” – below this heading is Phone Storage and SD card storage, with the capacities as written above.

When one is chosen there is a circle to the right of the name and a “dot” appears inside the circle of the name chosen – I chose Phone storage, the dot appeared and I went ‘out’ and tried to download Firefox. And after it failed, I went ‘back’ and chose SD card, that too failed. On each failure I was informed that “There is insufficient space … and to consider deleting or removing some applications.”

I tried to move some applications to my SD card, but the “Move to SD card” option is greyed out and I cannot move anything so, as the Application storage (? Internal Storage) is full, I am “stuck” between a rock and a hard place!

Any advice, please?!!



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