Call Screen and Lock Screen issues

So i have a Galaxy S6. haven't had any issues with it until lately. i recently updated to Marshmallow for Android. didn't change much, until i noticed the way my phone turned from screen off to screen on was different, but i could live with that. what i have a bit of a problem with is when my phone is charging, it displays time until fully charged on my lock screen. i really do not need or want this, since if i want to see that, i can just pull it down from my notification bar.

the second issue is i recently updated my theme, Pisces. and now it seems it's changing the color of my call screen from the green and orange i'm used to to a constant blue color.

i much prefer the green and orange, so i can tell when a call has ended with a color visual. i tried looking in my phone files, hoping to find the themes and perhaps delete what ever was changing the call screen color, but it seems it's not really doable.

so any help with these two issues would be greatly appreciated! thank you!

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