How do I sign an APK with the system key using SingApk.jar?

I need to sign an APK using the system keys obtained from Google's source (As an example) using SignApk.jar. However, everytime we try to Sign we get the error below...
This is the command we are using (Please note we are using the Source code downloaded from Google for Android 8.1 for the Pixel).

Besides this method, is there another way to sign an APK with the system key?

java -Xmx2048m -Djava.library.path="out/host/linux-x86/lib64" -jar prebuilts/sdk/tools/lib/signapk.jar -w build/make/target/product/security/platform.x509.pem build/make/target/product/security/platform.pk8 Unsigned-Apk.apk Signed_final_apk.apk

Error: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError
at org.conscrypt.OpenSSLBIOInputStream.<init>(OpenSSL
at org.conscrypt.OpenSSLX509Certificate.fromX509PemIn putStream(
at org.conscrypt.OpenSSLX509CertificateFactory$1.from X509PemInputStream(OpenSSLX509CertificateFactory.j ava:220)
at org.conscrypt.OpenSSLX509CertificateFactory$1.from X509PemInputStream(OpenSSLX509CertificateFactory.j ava:216)
at org.conscrypt.OpenSSLX509CertificateFactory$Parser .generateItem( 4)
at org.conscrypt.OpenSSLX509CertificateFactory.engine GenerateCertificate(OpenSSLX509CertificateFactory. java:272)
at ificate(
at java:184)
at )
Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Failed to load any of the given libraries: [conscrypt_openjdk_jni-osx-x86_64, conscrypt_openjdk_jni]
at org.conscrypt.NativeLibraryLoader.loadFirstAvailab le(
at org.conscrypt.NativeCryptoJni.init(NativeCryptoJni .java:49)
at org.conscrypt.NativeCrypto.<clinit>(NativeCrypto.j ava:53)
... 9 more

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