Possible to use two different calendars on Android phone?

Using Android Lollipop

I need 2 very separate calendars, and I'm partially color blind (I know... sounds random to say, but I'll cover the significance of being color blind a little later on!) One calendar will be for repetitive reminders. I have things I need to do every day, and some that are done once a week, or even every 2 weeks, that I need reminders for, or I tend to forget to do them, especially since many of them must be done at different times of day, on different days, like checking my blood sugar on my Glucose meter.

The other calendar would be for appointments and events that are not repetitive, or regular. I tried setting up a single Google Calendar that listed both, but with the repetitive reminders the calendar was so cluttered it was hard to look at, and I had to hunt for my appointments listings.

I set up two calendars in Google Calendar, one for the repetitive events, and a second for appointments. On the Web, it was annoying because Google Calendar wanted to show all events from both calendars in one calendar page. So every time I logged into Google Calendars, I had to manually shut off the calendar I did not want to view. I would have preferred a simple means to select the calendar I wanted view, and easily switch from one to the other, but that does not seem to be possible.

On my phone it was the same problem, the defaults with the 5 calendar apps I tried wanted to show both calendars merged into one calendar, and I had to manually go through the app's settings to shut off the calendar I did not want to view.

I then created a second Google Account and created a calendar in that account. So, I had two different Google accounts, and two different Google Calendars. On my phone I set up one calendar app with one Google account, and a second calendar with the second Google account. So, the calendar I wished to view was a matter of launching the calendar app that was set up for it.

This looked like it was going to work, I shut down each calendar app, and reopened them, and they showed me the correct calendars. This would (or I had hoped it would) allow me to easily spot my appointments, because they would not be lost in the clutter of all my repetitive reminders. However... they don't stick. At some point, and I'm not sure what the time interval is, or what the trigger event is, all my calendar apps decide to switch to using my second Google account Google and seem to forget I ever had the first account. Something interesting about this is, the calendar apps I setup with my first account, never had my second account entered or added. Somehow, they magically found my second account info and set them up, then ditched my first account all without my input.

I have run antivirus scans from both CM Security, and Norton, neither of which found anything nasty on my phone.

So, what about that partial color blind business I mentioned earlier... what's that got to do with this? (I know... you're on the edge of your seat to find out about that!). That's for anyone who might suggest I use one calendar but make my appointments a different color then my repetitive reminders. I'm not totally color blind but using colors to differentiate things has always been a problem for me. So I'm hoping I can utilize two different calendars at the same time on my Android phone.

Sorry about the tl:dr but sometimes I tend to over-explain things.

Hopefully some brilliant Android user out there can help me achieve what I'm trying to do here.

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