[solved] prevent an app from searching for updates

Hey guys,

I'm going mad here on a problem with a specific app.
It's the .
I have to use this apps to stream music from my new two HK Omni 10 speakers and in order to configure them as a stereo pair.

As you can see from the reviews on the Play Store, HK totally screwed up the software.
It was hard enough to configure the speakers one time, but now they released an update, that makes it impossible.

There are older versions of the software which you can download from certain other apk-hosting-sites.
With these older versions configuring the speakers is possible again, but now there is a prompt, whenever opening the software, saying 'new software is available' (wanting me to update to the new version that's gonna screw everything once again).
Now, the problem is: Everything else but excepting to update that app is greyed out, so you just have to do it or find a way to trick around it.

Of course I went for the latter
- Giving the apk an own signature with ZipSigner
- removing the app from Play Store, there disabling auto-updates, clearing Play Store's data and cache
- wiping dalvik and cache in recovery
- reinstalling the app (from an apk - not from the Play Store)
- before opening it, detaching it from Play Store via Titanium Backup Pro

But none of all these things worked.
Everytime the ****ing prompt shows up again.

The app now isn't shown under My Apps in Play Store, though.
And when pressing on "update now" it doesn't find the new version, but the same one installed at the moment instead
(So I only found a way to making updating impossible, not to prevent the app from checking for updates).

Can you guys think of any way to move around that?
I mean, I assume it still finds the update looking in the Play Store, but still I can't see how.
Maybe it has got something like an update checker on its own?
Maybe just a built-in mechanism to destroy itself for the sake of forcing to using the new update?

Any idea and help is much appreciated!

Edit: Solved.

Had to include a firewall (droidwall) to forbid internet access when opening the program, and then allowing it again, when being in another menu.

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