Help: Is a New Cubot X6 image available? System is compromised!


I would like to ask for help installing either a new Cubot X6 Android or a linux based system. Until recently I wasn't aware of what kind of aggressive trojans for Android happen to compromise a phone to a degree where the solution is to buy a new one. I do not want to accept that. Therefor I am here to ask for help.

WLAN enabled - the phone runs nutts. It causes unknown apps to be installed, ruining the function of the phone completely. I bought it via ebay, a used Cubot X6. I had the device years ago until i sat on it which happened to break the display, but I liked it and bought it again, used. (The used one cost 60 bucks, a replace-display would have cost 35, so I ran with the used one - big mistake as it turned out).

Now, it's root-system is compromised. I set it to only allow apps from trusted sources. I did not download any apps beside well known trust-worthy ones, like google-maps, WhatsApp, all together.

When I first enabled WLAN, it suddenly started to display a message of the shutting down of "org.rain.ball.update" and also "ssCleaner ("suc", "chengele") is trying to obtain your current position", "ymm" cancelled, and several others. If I allow WLAN it automatically downloads 10-20 apps, some of which correlate with my laptop visited websites (alibaba), others apps from sites I have never visited ("sexy videos"). Basically the phone gets so busy that it needs to be restarted to allow any control of the phone.

I tried to fix it with Avaast, Avira, and Malewarebytes without success. With Avaast it also displays: "/storage/sdcard0/.androidsdata/is.jar", but is unable to fix it. I guess I would have to erase the SD-Card too, if I were to have the system replaced, once. None of the above things can be fixed with the tools at hand. The deletions are always interrupted, nothing gets improved permanently.

I immediately did a "Reset to factory condition", but when I enabled WLAN I didn't even install an app - it all started again, as described above.

So, a quick Google-Research turned out, there are trojan-horses, that cover themselves by pretending to be system applications, so that it would be nearly impossible to get rid of the trojan - only solution: buy a new one (See this article

Now, while I have a broken device and a trojan device, one solution would be to mount the display of the compromised one onto the broken one. I know it's easy to break the display during this. That's why I am here to ask, if someone might have suggestions of what else could be done to have this fixed?

Maybe it would be possible to get an uncompromised mirror-image of a Cubot X6 from the internet that would replace every data on mine? Would it fix it, if I were to install this: "Ubuntu Touch - Version 15.04 Phone"?

Any help would be appreciated. If I were to take a wild guess, I'ld say the trojan horses might have been developed by Apple...... So what am I to do now? Buy a new one?

EDIT: If you were to not believe this to be true, I could shoot a video of it with my laptop. It's really strange, but it is as it is. EDIT 2: Avaast displays a message, the phone has been rooted.

Please help!! Thank you so much!!

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