Something wrong with my LG G4?(charging and discharging)

Hi every1 ,first time here I own used LG G4 H810 i've some questions and need some suggestions
I know ampere app works well cuz when i charged galaxy j7 prime (My brother's phone)with its original 1.55 amp at 5v charger the app showed absolure 1500mah charging speed
When i charge my phone(LG G4) with 500mA(5v)Charger Ampere app shows average charging speed of 220mah at 39-4.1v
When i charge my phone with 2.1A(5.1v)Unknown company Charger Ampere app shows average charging speed of 800mah at 39-4.1v
i charged my phone with lg quick charger(1.8A 5v and 1.8v 9v) and ampere app showed charging of 1400mah at 3.9-4.1v with no quick charging notification
Most of the times after after charging the phone discharges very fast (like -500mah)for like 5min and then returns to normal
Once my charging was kinda stuck at one point so i restarted phone and charging percentage jumped like 15% is there something wrong with my phone ,?
Im intrested in buying extended slim batteries from ebay with 4000mah and 5000mah capacities,should i go for them?
guys i need your help

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