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Good afternoon everyone,

I have been thinking about an app that my company could use when staff are sent away on weekend events.

The company hires our PDQ (payment terminals) to various markets/fairs/events throughout the country. They are based in London, with most of the events being further out in the country (Telford, Oxfordshire, to name a few). Whilst at the event I would like for our customers feedback, complaints, questions, concerns, ideas, notes on our equipment, e.t.c. to be logged using a tablet, rather than pen and paper. I feel the most effective way to do this is creating our own app. It does not have to be pristine, with a professionally chosen colour scheme, perfect graphics e.t.c., but a simple app that is user friendly and just works. Ideally we would be able to upload an Excel spreadsheet to it, containing customer details, that can be displayed using some form of table/report layout whereby notes can be added. So, for example, 50 customers and their details are on the spreadsheet, it's uploaded to the app and each one can be opened individually. A signature section to confirm receipt of the equipment would also be a fantastic bonus. Once the event is over with, it would help if the report can be pushed/emailed in a usable format (again Excel would be great) so that certain parts can be extracted and used in various other reports.

So my question is... Am I completely mad for hoping the above is achievable, or extortionately costly? Or is it relatively simple considering the advancements in app making and the kinds that are available today? Could a relative novice be able to make it, or is it best reserved for a Pro?

Any help, questions, suggestions, silly remarks welcome.

Thank you

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