Straight talk Verizon Sim DOES NOT WORK in my Samsung Galaxy S3! HELP!

I am directing this question to anyone who may have an answer or can help me in any way. I was recently given a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 that was not under any contract. I purchased a kit from Walmart that I was told would contain the SIM to use with straight talk and use the Verizon tower only a mile from my home. It did not actually contain a Verizon card, but after calling ST, they said they would send me one. They sent a Nano about a week and half later...wrong size. So, they sent the correct size , but it did not work. Then I was sent a THIRD card. Guess what, it doesn't work either. I have been trying to get this phone operating on ST with a Verizon Sim for over TWO MONTHS! Every single time I have called, it is over an hour phone conversation. I even attempted chatting online a couple of times and was finally told to CALL ST...ugh. I have spent countless hours trying to talk or even UNDERSTAND the ST operators. I have been DISCONNECTED (!?!?!?) SEVERAL times. I am so frustrated. There must be a simple reason why neither of the two SIMS they provided me ( that were the correct size) will not work. Last night, the ST operator ( after an hour or so ) told me that the SIM HAD ACTIVATED make a phone call and if I had a problem I would need to CALL BACK. I point blank told her that it HAD NOT activated and I would not be able to use the phone. She told me to call back if I had a problem. BOY oh BOY....I am about to just give up with the whole idea of using this phone for ST. Btw... I also tried the AT& T Sim. It simply freezes up and works only a quarter of the time, so that is not an option. Can anyone shed any light on why this Verizon Sim is not working for me?[

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