[Q] NFC Devices VS Smart Cards (Processors) ???


i've chosen this topic to be my thesis question, i trying to prove that the smart phones are more capable to do encryption than smart cards, my supervisor suggested that i'd find a way to compare the time it takes to execute an encryption algorithm between the smart cards processors and the mobile phone processor, however this seems harder than it looks, for starter i dont know how to connect the smart card processor to an oscilloscope or any other measuring device since there are no pins, the same goes for the smart phone, also i need the source code for the encryption algorithm used in the smart card, something also im not sure if its possible to get.

currently im thinking maybe if i can find a program that simulates processors, for example insert the processors parameter ( for example 8-bit, single core, single thread, 5 MHz) and feed it some calculation, then change the parameters to match those of a mid range smart phone and compare the results

im pretty sure that my approach is probably not the right one so please if anyone has any idea on how to do it, im all ears,i've been banging my head against the wall for quite some time and maybe that's why i cant see the solution.

your help is highly appreciated

best regards

p.s : i apologize if this isn't the right place to post this, i'd appreciate pointing me to the right forum

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