So I recently bought a life proof case for my newly replaced GS4 (I had cracked the lcd screen) and so i decided to test it underwater and take a picture because why not right?? So upon doing that I realized that the case wasn't all of the way on and i immediately took it out, took it out of the case and removed the battery to let it dry on a towel because i didn't have rice handy. So i went home and the phone works fine because it was only exposed to a little water but i noticed some things. One is that the water exposure strip on my battery was red/pink so it was obviously exposed to water, second I noticed that when i go to charge my phone it doesn't always register it charging. I got it to work after many tries and it charges and holds a charge but is very inconsistent with receiving a charge. Upon realizing that i look at the over visible water strip detector by the motherboard area and its white which is why it works just fine. Lastly today (this happened yesterday) i noticed that inside the front camera there was moisture inside the lens making it fuzzy and blurry but the other camera works fine. So I then proceeded to take out the battery, sim card, sd card and cover for the back and I stuck only the phone itself in a bag of rice which is where it is right now. Any advice on what to do? I have the ability to get a new battery for free which is what I will do soon, Will that fix the charging issue or am i going to have to get the charging port fixed as well. And lastly, Is the rice going to be able to get the moisture out from under my front camera lens? Its been about 14-15 hours since this happened… Any advice or knowledge will be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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