Need specific hardware info - HTC One V CDMA - Lossless Formats & OC

I've lurked on here for months for my tablet (TF300t) but only put CM on it. Now I can't find the information I need for my phone. I've got a Virgin Mobile HTC One V CDMA (primoc). I originally thought it was a piece of junk because it wasn't giant and flashy. Then I did some reading amazing resolution/DPI/clarity, Pretty sturdy (I'm clumsy with the phone so I don't drop my tabby) but the best part IMO is the battery life and the audio. Thats the information I need. I just got around to listening to Lossless Audio... I'll NEVER listen to a mp3 again willingly. I tried to hurry threw putting a new rom on my phone, bone stock. I didn't read the posts very well and ended up not backing up my phone and putting a One V GSM (mines CDMA) boot.img and flashed it at least 10 times with the wrong ROM. Bricked it at least 3 times before finally getting the right RUU. Took about 14 hours total. Now I'm running the April 10th version of PAC-man 4.2.2. v22.1, whatever it is. So thats the backstory to my question.

Now heres the real questions. And I've looked all over the internet and this forum for the answers, can't find it. I DID NOT ask how to unbrick and fix my phone yesterday, so give me some credit. I'm downloading .Flac files running around 24-36 bits. The FILES are that high... but what is max 'bits' this phone, HTC One V (cdma)... What can it process, what can it put out? Am I getting the full spectrum here?

If the audio processor is good and can handle that, what about the program I'm using? Is there any specifically made for Lossless Formats? I remember seeing in the options (in Neutron MP) that it has 64-bit rendering? Do you guys have any favorite media players that are able to process these bitrates? Or does it even matter? I don't know.

100% Ballpark, round it up or down, What should I stick around for the max CoreClock when I oc my phone. I know its too indepth to give a specific mhz. I've seen many posts of people running at 1700mhz all day long with no problems but I don't want to run my cpu in the ground. Currently at 1400MHz max - 300MHz min, on-demand, IO: Sio. I don't know enought about linux kernels to make believe like I know what is better for audio.

BTW the only thing I use this phone for is texting and Audio, mostly audio. I want the absolute best I can get, Please help. Thanks for the help, sorry for acting liek a noob.

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