[Q] Bored with my phone. What to do?

I've read two other threads about people getting bored with their devices and frankly, the suggestions that they provided would have been great, had I not tried every single one of them already! If you have ever played a video game for hours on end to finally complete every single objective in the entire game, you know that once you do that you have two options from that point: Play it all over again because it was a quality game and you loved it in its entirety, or quit because you feel that playing again would be boring and pointless. That's the way I feel about my HTC One S. I feel that I've "completed the game", or done every possible thing their is to do with this phone that doesn't require me to create my own works. I've flashed many roms, kernels and mods. I've put hundreds of hours of mileage on the music player. I've tried to think of creative ways to arrange my homescreen layout and I've even put atleast 4 different cases onto the phone. I've thought about chroming the aluminum backing of the phone, tinting the glass where the big T-Mobile logo sits underneath it, or spray-painting the housing black.

I wish there was more to this phone and even more to Android, considering I paid nearly $300 for the darned thing because I wanted it so badly before my contract was up. I completely regret buying the HTC One S and feel stupid that I didn't wait for the SGSIII when my contract ended. I'm stuck with this thing until August of 2014... does anyone have ANY suggestions, ANY, about what I should do with this thing? Should I take a break from it and stay away from it? Should I use my old Galaxy S instead for a change? Any feedback would be fantastic

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