[Q] Unkniwn issue rooting HTC Aria

Hi guys, I'm having a problem rooting an HTC Aria that I recently acquired, and I'm not sure how to search for my answer. I guess Ill try to explain what happen as best as I know, since some things happened so fast I have no idea exactly what happened. Its also worth mentioning that I have no experience rooting android phones, but I'm not an idiot, so please don't be afraid to help because you think Im gonna be waste of your time.

I used the tool unRevoked with Reflash to inflict the damage. Things seemed to be going great, in fact at one point it even said this was a triumph. Somewhere towards the very end, it looked as if it complained about not finding a file on the sd. It was so fast I couldn't read it because I was looking at the computer at that time. Im not surprised it didn't find the file it was looking for since I had no sd card installed. The tutorial/procedure that I read was very detailed, so detailed that he sometimes took a minute to make sure the reader knew to double click the file to open it, yet there was no mention of absolutely needing an sd card for it to work.

Now when I re-run reflash, when I get to the point where you have to choose HBoot USB, it wont ever let me pick it. It just forces me to pick Fastboot or one of the other ones, spits out several lines of green text that is way too fast to read, then gives you the option to pick HBoot again. It never leaves this menu now, not by way of reflash anyway. I can still unplug and reboot my phone , and operate it like normal, but reflash wont go past that recovery menu. I did a factory reset, that didn't help. I also picked recovery on that menu. I browsed the options, but Im afraid to make another move at this point without some input. If someone could please maybe tell me what happened and how to proceed I would be very grateful.

Thank you

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