[Q] MID Tablet M9000/F900 (AllWinner A10??)


While I been a tech for 20years supporting the WinTel systems, I am a noob to Android and ROM programming. I needed to be portable, and being unemployed didn't leave many cost-options available. I picked up a China knockoff called the MID M9000 ().

What I can confirm on it is that it does run a Cortex A8 (I guess that means it is a AllWinner A10??) running Android ICS 4.04. A look under About Tablet shows Model Number F900, Baseband Version 1.4rc3 Kernel 3.0.8 #2 Fir Jul 27 10:27:12 CST 2012 Build Number 20120716-F900.I have some flakiness with the screen, the performance seems poor with alot of waits and do I want to kill the app. I have gone through with Android Assistance and Advanced Task Manager to kill off any background apps, loads, etc. Still no luck.

Funny thing someone dumped in my lap a cheapy Sylvania SYNET7WIC 7" Smartbook with Windows CE 7 this past week. I searched and found you could bootload MODROID (Android 2.2 mod) ROM and I get more responsiveness on that WM8650 CPU than I am getting from this Cortex A8. So I am hoping it is just a bad build, and like the SYNET7WIC be happily surprised with a Mod for my Cortex A8 to improve it as well.

I tried over at CM, but there seems to be no discussion about MID tablets. I found the Christian Troy AllWinner A10 thread () but as I am not a DEV, I can't post to that thread to ask for help. All feedback or assistance is welcome, especially pointing to the right ROM and other parts I should use (I believe I have the right instructions) on how to do my first reimage to Jelly Bean. Thanks!

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