I Will Post Your Question In The Dev Thread IF...

Thread closed.

Don't bother complaining about the here. I will request regular thread cleaning as necessary. This is not a thread you can use to build up your post count.

1. There are other constructive threads with that topic in the . I will happily debate you on the matter there.
2. because it is (mostly) for spam control.

Originally Posted by Fallen Spartan

The 10 post rule was put in place to make new users think, and hopefully contribute and help others by making useful posts rather than the usual crap like "thanks", "kewl" etc or ask questions which have been asked countless times before. They still have access to dev forums, just cannot post in them. Its not a massive restriction and to provide 10 useful/helpful posts is not hard.


Getting 10 quality posts is not that difficult and doesn't take that long if someone puts in a little effort. However, I understand if someone doesn't feel like they have time to do that.

That being said, I promise to post your question and post any answers received back from the appropriate ROM thread.........IF

You are asking something development related or some technical question about the ROM itself.
You are producing a mod for the ROM.
You want to enter a bug report.

That is what the development threads are supposed to be used for.

Other types of questions generally belong in the device Q&A (Question and Answer) forums. Not the dev threads. That is why there is no post count limit on the Q&A forums. If you really want the best device specific help, try reading the stickied guides in your devices Q&A forum, then post there if necessary.

Each one of these questions will be evaluated individually. If your question is uniquely ROM-related, I will ask it.

Your post must include:

1. A detailed device configuration: ROM, kernel, firmware, radio, mods, etc...etc...

2. A list of things you have searched, read, done, and tried.
---- Expecting to come in here and get a quick freebie? Nothing in life is free, you have to do a little work here.

3. Terms you have searched for and where you searched.
---- Which forums? Which websites? Exact terms and different combinations of terms tried?

4. Your agreement that you have read ALL of the dev's initial posts in said dev thread. TWICE.
---- I mean read, not just skimmed over. Good devs put a lot of work into their first page posts and keep them updated, many times with FAQs and other helpful troubleshooting tips.

5. Your agreement that you have read the stickied guides in your devices General, Q&A, and Development forums.
---- Many people have put in countless hours of their personal time to enter in this knowledge for you to learn it and apply it successfully to your XDA experience and phone, and the mods have put them at the top of the subforum pages so you don't have to work to find them. Please don't waste their time or yours.

6. If you are having a problem, what exact steps brought you to the point you are at?
---- Remember, the more details you can give means that it is more likely your question will get answered correctly.

7. What steps have you tried to resolve the problem on your own?
---- See points 2. and 6. above.

8. What logs do you have?
---- See point 6. above. And this: And this:

9. The exact question you want to post

If you do these things I honestly believe that you will not need to post your question as it will already have been answered, but if not, I will enter your questions on any dev thread you want to post in but cannot post in, and post any and all answers received back here.

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