[Q] why android phones gets slower and slower each day and ends in lags??

i hav noticed that android phones day to day its getn slower than the previous day.. [it may not b a problm for 512mb or more phones curently exist..]

mine is xperia x10i.. if today i rebooted my phone.. the whole today my phone is faster in scrolling, connecting cals, menus, games. etc.. then tomoro phne gets slightly slow.. then on 3rd day develops lag in srolling and it takes lot of time to open apps and option.. and on 4th day the phne gets heavy slow.. widgets operate dead slow.. and if i do anythn force close errors..

why is this happening??due to day to day internal memory caches?? i also noticed 1st day remainin ram wil b around 50mb inclusive of all widgets iam using.. then at the end 4thday remaining ram wil b around 20mb or even somtimes 10mb..
if i close all widets and som running apps and allow ram to be free back to 50mb again, still the phone is dead slow.. so this slow is not depending on ram.. som othr reason..may b som kind internal issues developing..

so lik i said if i rebooted the phone after 4days.. the phone is back to normal healthy fast and very responsive.. in my case i hav to reboot every 2 or 3 days in order for the phone to be ready and fast for anythn..othrwise feels lik throw to dustbin.

i saw this kind of behavior in othr phones too lik xperia arc..it needs to reboot around 5 or 6 days or its too dead slow..

actualy wat is happening behind??

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