[Q] Flashing HTC Titan AT&T US to DFT Eternity Pearl edition

Hello everyone,

This is my first message. I have never posted here before but I've read a lot; I always found all the information I needed (and I thank you all greatly for that). But this time, i'm out of clues.

I have a HTC Titan US AT&T and i'm trying to flash it to DFT Eternity Pearl Edition, mainly to have it updated past build 7720 (since AT&T decided to screw us all and stop shipping updates; the CAB sending method fails on it).

Info about the device:

Below is what I tried and the results I got:
1. flashing SPL from DFT_HSPL_WP7SG1 using RUU: gives "invalid model ID"
2. flashing it using the goldcard method: the phones displays "entering USB host mode", then "loading", then immediately reboots and goes to the SPL screen (above)
3. from there, plugging the phone to a computer, then trying to flash HSPL using the wizzard gives a communication error when trying from XP, and apparently succeeds when trying from Windows 7. But restarting after it's done gives the SPL screen which doesn't say HSPL anywhere.
4. then, trying to flash the actual ROM (DFT Eternity Pearl Edition) from RUU gives "invalid model ID" again
5. I also tried to flash the original ROM for my device, IMG_Eternity_Cingular_US_1.10.502.04_Radio_16.23.0 2.26_A_16.27.00.23_Signed_ETERNITY_RELEASE.nbh, hoping it would somehow downgrade the SPL and things would go well after that, using the goldcard method. That apparently worked:

But I then tried everything again and got the same exact symptoms.
6. Then, right now I tried flashing the DFT Eternity Pearl Edition using the goldcard method and it has been stuck on the "Loading..." screen for 20 minutes and still counting.

I'm out of ideas. To me 5. proves my goldcard setup works. I will, however, go out today and buy a SD card reader and try again as i've been using a flash drive. Would any one have any more idea?

Maybe one thing worth noting: that phone was originally a test phone, meaning a phone that AT&T would give companies who wanted to try new phones before buying a whole fleet of it. I don't know if they do anything to these phones.

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