With Verizon about to drop the unlimited data if you move to 4G, what do I do ?

So, as we know now, Verizon plans to end unlimited data sometime "this summer" for users that go from a 3G to 4G plan unless you plan to buy the phone at full retail unsubsidized - which you can then keep your unlimited.

Well, I am off contract right now as my latest 2 year contract ended about 3 months ago and have just been waiting for what I think is a worthy phone. That will likely be the SGS3 "this summer". I also still use my 3G Droid. And, I also only use about 2gb a month average, but like the idea of keeping unlimited for future growth especially on the 4G network which eats data use and because I am grandfathered in.

So I am not sure what to do.

1. rush out and get something like the RAZR Maxx so I can get onto 4G and keep my unlimited data and forget the SGS3 before the new tiered data plans kick in, but then not be able to get the SGS3 when it comes (unless I out right buy it).

2. just hold out for the SGS3 and hope it comes before "this summer" (or before whenever they drop the new tiered data plans) and thus, kill off keeping the unlimited data since I will be going from 3G to 4G and just get on their new tiered plans and lose my unlimited plan for the sake of the newest phone.

3. just hold out for the SGS3 and buy the darn thing at full retail - likely about $700 - and keep my unlimited data so get the best of both worlds but at a BIG price tag

Thoughts? It seems like my only saving grace is this "We will share specific details of the plans well in advance of their introduction so customers will have time to evaluate the plans and make the best decisions for their wireless service." as it seems to imply they will give us time to decide what is best ahead of when I really must make a move as I would like to see the SGS3 drop before the tiered data plans so I could go out and get it AND keep my unlimited data.

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