[Q] Titanium backup - restore after flash issue

See real solution posted May 24 and don't be a moron like me.



I really tried to find the right forum to post this in. Its not development, and its not device specific. So here it is! I'll try to make it as short as possible. I scoured the forums first, but did not find a similar problem or solution.

HTC Sensation 4G Bell Canada
Android RevolutionHD v6.x.x
Titanium Backup

- I backup all my apps, not system apps
- I do full wipe except SD card, I do superwipe (I know I dont have to, just a preference
- I flash newer version of AndroidRevolutionHD
- I install Titanium backup, and it does not see my backups, it sees just 12 backups, when there are actually 60. It's basically seeing the apps Mike has in the ARHD install, of which I had backed up with the last batch backup. So I know it sees the folder proper, but it fails to see the rest.

This happened last time I did an upgrade to ARHD as well.

- I can use ES File Explorer, browse to the backup folder, and they are all there still. I can even pick one app and install it individually this way
- I go into Titanium backup and confirm the backup directory is correct, I evenn go to options and re-browse to the directory, the list even shows me "60 apps" and pops up "found 1 backup locations, please select one. /mnt/sdcard/titaniumbackup - 60 backups"
- I select it, it even shows me a whole list of all the files in there, I select "use current folder"

- I go into backup/restore, and it shows 12 apps, batch, and I only get "verify backups, 12" or under "delete backups" there is also only 12 available

Just today I tried this again, this time deleting all Titanium backups, then doing a new batch backup, and confirmed there was 60. Then I did superwipe, flashed the new version of ARHD, and got into Titanium and only 12 backups visible, but they actually are in the folder.

Any ideas how to fix this? It happened to me last time and it is very annoying and time consuming to do them all 1 by 1. It makes me not look forward to new versions, because of the headache it will cause me.

I did go to the app help, and on Q#15, I followed their advice as to apps not appearing in the list, I hit the "problems?" button, and found no help, ha.

Thanks a bunch!

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