Shield TV question - any key mapping apps that can be used to remap axis controls?

Hi, I am trying to figure out how to remap axis controls(analog stick, etc.) to keyboard commands or, if that is not possible, where I can find an app to do this for me.

I am doing this for Roblox(android version), since the jump button does not work.

Originally, I tried remapping a controller button to the space bar in a key layout file corresponding to my controller.

This works, but unfortunately it also interrupts the axis input so that jumping while moving becomes impossible - rendering it an unworkable solution(the key code disrupts axis input so that all movement stops - you are only able to jump directly up).

Next, I looked for an app to remap the axis controls(since I cannot figure how to do this with the key layout file, and I want to use the analog sticks for movement).

Unfortunately, while I was able to find an app that will let me remap analog stick to directional(WASD) keys, it(inexplicably) does not provide any option for the analog triggers(R1 and R2 buttons) - again, rendering it an incomplete solution.

So, what I am looking for is either instructions on how to remap axis data(analog stick) in the key layout file(or something similarly accessible to the end user), or knowledge of where I can find an app that will allow me to do this kind of comprehensive remapping.

I have spent literally weeks looking through countless apps and none offer a complete solution.

It continues to boggle my mind how such seemingly simple tasks devolve into Herculean labors when dealing with android.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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