From iPhone 4 (AT&T) to Android+HTC?

I've been using my iPhone 4 for about a 2 weeks now, and I really miss Android.

Besides, I travel a lot overseas, and hate to have to use another phone, as the iPhone is still unlockeable.

So i was wondering what would a good phone to get that works on AT&T's 3G bands, and that has android, and that is made from HTC (or Samsung?), and that can be unlocked, rooted and customized, like my old Dream, Magic, Hero and Legend. Also good battery life is greatly appreciated, meaning last at least a day.

From ATT I can get the HTC Inspire 4G ($100), which apparently is very good, but I have no experience with it. People so far are reporting 2 days battery life, which is a lot. So I assume 1 day battery life is very good. They are selling new and unlocked on crapbay for 440 bucks, so I can easily get one there, and sell my iPhone 4. My only question then would be, are all the Inspire 4G rootable? And if i get it from AT&T, would I be able to unlock it?

I liked the Galaxy S as far as I can see, which ATT offers as the Samsung Captivate ($99.99) but I do not hear the best things about battery, and the phone in general, so it appears to be a no go.

There is also the Samsung Infuse 4G ($200), which appears to be getting much better reviews, but i'm not sure i would like a Samsung phone over an HTC one.

Also, I can sell my iPhone on ebay, and get another phone from there, so I does not has to be only those phones.

Any recommendations, thoughts, etc please? Thanks.

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