I have two secondhand off-brand tablets that may be infected.

Hello! I am new and don't have much experience here, but I will try to post any/all needed info. I don't really know what I am doing, so a customized step-by-step guide would be awesome.

I recently got two tablets from a garage sale. One is an azpenpc model A745 (Build number KVT49L test-keys), and the other is a "Digital2 Plus" (Build number polaris_chiphd-eng 4.4.2 KVT49L 20140515 test-keys) tablet. Both run Android 4.4.2 with kernel 3.4.39.

The Asenpc one has a QuadCore-A33 processor, and the Digital2 one has a DualCore-A23. They are almost identical and have identical physical layout (buttons, camera, speaker...) Developer tools were enabled, but not root, as far as I know. I used factory reset first thing. I will also add that the UX is very unusual, especially on the Digital2 one. (The layout of the black bar that appears on swiping up from the bottom of the screen is unusual and awkward on the D2, and the other one has a hotbar 90* from the horizontal!)

I don't really trust these not to have weird bugs on them. Both have weird apps installed with vague purposes and lots of permissions, the Digital2 tablet has a massive number of un-unistallable factory apps that are total crap, and the AsenPC one has been displaying suspicious surveys in the web browser if I leave it alone too long. For this reason, and to try to get more space (hopefully), I would like to nuke from orbit.

I don't have any money and not much interest invested in these, though I would like them to work when I get done.

How do I install a custom ROM and Google Apps on these? Do ROMs for these exist (especially now that CyanogenMod went OOB), and what would I need to do to be able to install them?
Do I need Root or just an unlocked bootloader, and how do I get those on such unusual devices?

Currently, I think that I need to install the Android SDK, get a custom recovery and unlocked bootloader, and then somehow(?) use the recovery to install the image (never mind how I even get it there for the recovery to install!). There is also some way to do this directly with the SDK. I do not know the real details of how either work.

Thanks! I would really appreciate any help you can offer on how to do this, and extra kudos to anyone who can tell me how to re-arrange the hotbar, hotbar position, and swipe up/down menus too!

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