How to remove "Internet connection requirement" from Android apps?

Hi, I have an app which looks like the developer has removed their servers so it always fails the "internet connection" check.
Its IONROAD. A AR driving app.
I paid for the PRO version so its all good. I use an older version not the latest as I hate the latest version.
99% of the app is using the GPS or the camera. It does check the internet for the weather and a few little things.
I've tried it at home while connected to wireless, in the car while connected to Mobile Data, I've uninstalled, reinstalled and updated and all versions fail the internet checks. To me it looks like they closed their servers so the app refuses to work without the internet so it will never work again.

What I want to do is remove that internet check so it will keep working without the need for their servers. If it never connects to the internet it doesn't bother me. I dont care for the current weather in a AR driving app, I care for how close the car in front of me is or if i'm drifting out of the lane I'm in. Absolutely nothing to do with the internet so how do I remove that check?
I have the APK, trying to get it into the Android SDK and not sure how? Even if I do get it there what do I remove?

All I want is that internet check removed. As I said I paid for the app so the licence check always passes as I paid for it.
The dev has abandoned the app, they refuse to reply or update. As they closed their servers I'm guessing they totally abandoned the app.

Any help what to remove and how to remove it? Is it an easy unzip, edit a file then zip and reinstall? Or is it a complete import into SDK, rebuild, test, etc and make a whole new app?

I'm not sure what or how to edit it.


BTW, Here are links to the apps. (if the link doesn't work use the txt below it. just add HTTP: to the start)
FREE version


PAID version


Here is their website, you can see half the site is down. You cant log in, and every page has a cache/database error.

EDIT: Looks like the site is shut down completely now.

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