Windows Mobile 6.5 & Bluetooth A2DP - THE HORROR!


Hi there,

Ever since I have my Touch Diamond and My cherished Nokia A2DP headset, I've been enjoying wireless music, calling and everything at the touch of a few buttons on my headset.

Recently I finally flashed to winmo 6.5, and I also decided that Touchflo was costing me too much precious memory. So I flashed to a nice clean rom (BsB).
Everything cool so far, that is, until I tried my BT headset. With out the touchflo player you're automatically dependent on windows media player, and if there is one piece of software that makes listening to music a b*tch it's wmp. So I installed pocketmusic. Everything fine so far. but the controls on my bt headset stubbornly only work with AND automatically start WMP. very irritating. after extensive searching of the beloved XDA forums I found out that this was a known problem. WMP Hijacking BT controls.

And finally it appeared I had found : T-back's 6.5 BT

This was supposed to give back the control of Bluetooth to the program running at the moment. all the coments left in said thread were joyous, it works, it's alive...

So I installed it, and too my suprise it did indeed stop WMP from hijacking the controls and also assigned the controls to pocketmusic...
Unfortunatly it also stopped the audio from going to my Bt headset, which kind of beats the purpose of a bluetooth headset.

So now I'm back to listening to music without T-back's driver, on my BT headset, and having to control my music on screen, which is a little irritating.

I've allready replied to in hopes of getting a solution or something, but unfortunatly no reply.

I'm hoping someone beter technically endowed than me can give me a solution for this problem, this is the only thing standing between me, and my perfect rom!


Note, I tried this on 2 different winmo 6.5.1 rom's (benko's clean and the BsB 6.5.1)

note2: could this maybe be something having to do with the difference between 6.5 and 6.5.1?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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