Windows Mobile architecture on PDA phones?

Has Microsoft (or anyone else, for that matter) ever published a book, whitepaper, or anything else that actually explains how the various components of WM5/6 actually "work" in a real PDA phone?

I've seen various scattered documents at MSDN that tell how to write applications for phones running WM5/6, but I've never been able to find anything that coherently explains how a PDA phone running WM5/6 actually HANDLES incoming/outgoing phone calls -- the apps and DLLs involved, points where you can wedge your own handlers into the event chain, etc.

I guess what I'm really looking for right now is some guidance about where to even LOOK for that info... the official library/object name(s), the proper phrases to google for, etc. I have a hunch that what I'm looking for is NOT in the MSDN documentation tree for WM6 Professional PDA Phones, and is hidden somewhere else in the hierarchy... but finding anything at MSDN feels like searching for a needle in a haystack unless you already know exactly what you're looking for and what it's officially called ;)

For what it's worth, I want to write my own replacement handler(s) for voicemail notifications. I can't stand the way WM6 stupidly makes me swat away the notification that I have voicemail, and decline to listen to it, then swat away a second notification that I have a missed call before FINALLY letting me know whose call I missed (and by extension, who left the voicemail message). I want to write a handler that shows something like:

Missed Calls:
Joe Smith @ 3 minutes ago (italics = left voicemail)
Jenna Ho @ 2:27am
Matt Johnson @ yesterday 11:52pm
Matt Johnson @ yesterday 10:23PM

on the screen instead.

Also, I use my cell phone as my "real" phone, and have an AT&T cordless phone that pairs with it via bluetooth. Unfortunately, it doesn't notify me of voicemail or received SMS messages, and I can easily go for HOURS without noticing (say, if I'm outside when someone calls, and they leave a voicemail message... until I physically happen to wake up the phone and look at the display, I'll never even know someone called). So... I want to build a circuit using a BlueSMIRF bluetooth-uart module and a microcontroller that toggles an input on my home automation/burglar alarm system (triggering a voice announcement over the loudspeakers), and have my handler app on the phone connect to it and trigger that notification every few minutes until I notice. I also wouldn't mind being able to make the phone go crazy vibrating in response to a received sms/voicemail message, so if I'm somewhere like a noisy nightclub wearing loose jeans and don't notice, it will keep vibrating and making noise until I do.

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