Possible new XDA feature set? Configuration Profiles per phone? (Ex: my T-mob Wing)

In my sigfile below, you can see what I am currently running on my T-Mobile Wing.

The XDA site, for a long time, has been incredible in terms of specific app development, ROMs, etc. But I am now looking for "the next step": Total configuration recommendations: specific recs on which apps to use together with which ROMs on a given device, to achieve a user's most important usability functions and requirements.

I am going to layout the current issues I have been having problems with, mention my priority requirements, and I'm seeking recs on a smart configuration suite that begins with the ROM, includes recs on the overall interface and app launcher, down to specific APP recommendations to best meet my needs.

I think it would be great to eventually create, for all phone models, a series of consumer-end-user "Configuration Profiles", so right now, this is a first request: Help me optimize my T-Mobile Wing for how I want to use it.


My current configuration:

ROM: by
SOFT KEYBOARD: by w/ by /

PRIMARY BROWSER: Opera Mini (strengths: Speed, lightweight. Weakness: data input is 2-step process; no copy & paste of web content)
SECONDARY BROWSERS: Opera Mobile (but for some reason the SIP is always overriding my preference, and going back to Windows soft keyboard). Skyfire (great for Youtube; lacks setting your own startpage URL), NetFront (I think their zoom/context scroller is fantastic)

for YouTube videos I use Skyfire Browser; otherwise by

FILE EXPLORER: Total Commander (has drag & drop!)


I am having compatibility problems, and I can't seem to troubleshoot the conflict sources. So it's time for a new ROM install, and rebuild my suite of apps. I'm hoping I can get a few recs on ROMS, application launchers, dialers.

USABILITY REQUIREMENTS: I am a power user, but not a techie. I currently have been using iFonz, have liked it a lot. Large target areas for finger navigation is very impt to me, especially when driving. Any of the basic windows soft key areas, scrollbars, OK button, Top-bar icons are not big enough, creating for me constant flow of mistakes and "stalls" in completing just the baseline functions of "Speakerphone On/Off", Hide Keypad/Show keypad etc.

If I had my way I would never have to touch any aspect of the Windows Mobile Interface.. but alas, that is not yet a reality. But getting closer day by day, example: supbro just today released a "" app that ties his iDialer app to the windows default dialer. A major breakthrough in usability.

What's Impt to me and Not Impt to me: (for Recommendations' sake):

NOT IMPT: I never run games, don't care. Weather is nice, but not impt. SMS and MMS are lo priority for me, I rarely use them.


1. Basic phone functions,
that allow me to take the phone out of my pocket and not end up accidentally ending the call before even getting the phone to my ear. Similarly, not having something accidentally trigger DIALING A FRIEND's NUMBER, or last redial. Big large phone dialpad, with large phone number display, bullet-proof "speakerphone on/off", bullet-proof "SAVE TO CONTACTS" without all the windows mobile backflips of "select Save to Contacts" then do I press "NEW CONTACT" or what? Just terrible usability design. Easy to find REDIAL.

2. Contacts: Contact manager with THUMBNAIL PHOTOS list, jump to alphabet letter, LARGE target area for finger to tap-and-dial in 1-step, not going to a detail screen to select WHICH number, or do I want to send email or SMS.

3. MP3 player: big obvious target area for volume control, and timeline slider, next song, etc. Integration with hard keys for next song, pause, mute. (S2u2 already does this, but there are still some squirrely problems, which create that dreaded problem of wanting to turn it off asap but no, gotta do backflips to get to the interface.)

4. CLOSE ALL APPS: since the Wing has the crappy old processor of its predecessor (MDA), and limited RAM, there are always times when apps lock up, and you just want to close everthing

5. one-click WIFI ON/OFF -- I don't want to go through some cumbersome Communication Manager. When I get home to my network, or I am at a Starbucks and want to use Tmobile Hotspot, it should be a no-brainer: wifi is turned on, all available networks show by default, all in one step. Just as if I take my Macbook Pro to a cafe, click one icon, see all networks. To me it would be even greater if, when I was at a Tmobile Hotspot, 1 click would *turn on wifi, *launch Tmobile's hotspot utility

6. Voice Command, Handwriting SIP, and a bunch of other things.


I'm hoping someone will take me up on this big-picture request. Thank you

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