Is it a bird; is it a plane; is it f2fs

An f2fs question

Down!grading my Nexus7 2012 Since last OTA it became way too sluggish and a battery monster.

Maybe going to f2fs but not sure quite what I'll be getting.
It's not very clear what a converted ROM will normally have converted, is all file access F2FS or is System partition access left EXT-4.
I've seen "All-F2FS" in a few places, does this indicate all file access is F2FS?
It would be useful to know as before flashing you have to re-format partitions which need F2FS

Elsewhere on XDA I've seen:
The kernels in ROMs with F2FS support, and those made with a converter, mostly support only data partition to be F2FS.
You can add a modified Kernel that support F2FS for data, system and cache. (but I can only find Nexus 5 Modified Kernels).

(From developer of windows script conversion tool) "I have atm stopped development for this Tool as im back on ext4.
Reason for reverting back is its not really helpful on the system partition in my view.since system is a read only partiton. If you format /data into F2FS you'll be at the same performance level as with the System one".
I've not been able to ask what he means as (at the moment) I'm not allowed posts in the developer forums. System is not written to and f2fs has no speed benefit on read only?

? I need a modified ROM only for All-f2fs. If I have stock lollipop on my N4 and have f2fs compatible kernel and recovery, can I simply convert my data and cache partitions to f2fs
A: Yes that should work.
A: I would think you would have to edit your ROM’s fstab to show the partitions as F2FS

If you're wondering what the Convert to F2FS app does... I do know that it injects the Lego Kernel with all-F2FS support into the ROM. I'm not really sure what else is going on.
The Lego Kernel is what allows the device to use the F2FS file system.

? ROM type, f2fs / f2fs-all / any with f2fs kernel
? if just kernel: ? f2fs / f2fs all
? Does anyone have, or know of, a good explanation??

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