[Help] Modifying JB GApps Package

Device: gt-i9100 (cm 10.1.3 stable)
Package: gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip (cm 10.1 gapps)

I was planning on slimming down the package to something like pico gapps (system base, calendar sync, play store, play services) for higher Android OSes, but I'm not sure where to start. Any information about the files are welcome.


  • Removing stuff
  • Editing scripts (where applicable)
  • Repackaging
  • Signing (optional)

File structure:

/gapps-jb-20130812-signed /META-INF /com /google /android update-binary updater-script CERT.RSA CERT.SF MANIFEST.MF /optional /face /addon.d 71-gapps-faceunlock.sh /app FaceLock.apk /lib libfacelock_jni.so /vendor /pittpatt /models /detection /multi_pose_face_landmark_detectors.7 /left_eye-y0-yi45-p0-pi45-r0-ri20.lg_32 full_model.bin /nose_base-y0-yi45-p0-pi45-r0-ri20.lg_32 full_model.bin /right_eye-y0-yi45-p0-pi45-r0-ri20.lg_32-2 full_model.bin /yaw_roll_face_detectors.6 /head-y0-yi45-p0-pi45-r0-ri30.4a-v24 full_model.bin /head-y0-yi45-p0-pi45-rn30-ri30.5-v24 full_model.bin /head-y0-yi45-p0-pi45-rp30-ri30.5-v24 full_model.bin /recognition /face.face.y0-y0-22-b-N full_model.bin /system /addon.d 70-gapps.sh /app ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk ConfigUpdater.apk GenieWidget.apk Gmail.apk GmsCore.apk GoogleBackupTransport.apk GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk GoogleEars.apk GoogleFeedback.apk GoogleLoginService.apk GooglePartnerSetup.apk GooglePlus.apk GoogleServicesFramework.apk GoogleTTS.apk LatinImeDictionaryPack.apk MediaUploader.apk NetworkLocation.apk OneTimeInitializer.apk Phonesky.apk QuickSearchBox.apk SetupWizard.apk TalkBack.apk VoiceSearchStub.apk /etc /permissions com.google.android.maps.xml com.google.android.media.effects.xml com.google.widevine.software.drm.xml features.xml /preferrec-apps google.xml g.props /framework com.google.android.maps.jar com.google.android.media.effects.jar com.google.widevine.software.drm.jar /lib libAppDataSearch.so libfilterpack_facedetect.so libfrsdk.so libgames_rtmp_jni.so libgcomm_jni.so libgoogle_recognizer_jni.so libgoogle_recognizer_jni_l.so libgtalk_jni.so libgtalk_stabilize.so libjni_latinime.so libpatts_engine_jni_api.so libplus_jni_v8.so librs.antblur.so librs.antblur_constant.so librs.antblur_drama.so librs.drama.so librs.film_base.so librs.fixedframe.so librs.grey.so librs.image_wrapper.so librs.retrolux.so librsjni.so libRSSupport.so libspeexwrapper.so libvcdecoder_jni.so libvorbisencoder.so libwebp_android.so /tts /lang_pico de-DE_gl0_sg.bin de-DE_ta.bin es-ES_ta.bin es-ES_zl0_sg.bin fr-FR_nk0_sg.bin fr-FR_ta.bin it-IT_cm0_sg.bin it-IT_ta.bin /usr /srec /en-US acoustic_model c_fst clg compile_grammar.config contacts.abnf dict dictation.config embed_phone_nn_model embed_phone_nn_state_sym endpointer_dictation.config endpointer_voicesearch.config ep_acoustic_model g2p_fst google_hotword.config google_hotword_clg google_hotword_logistic grammar.config hmmsyms hotword_symbols lintrans_model metadata norm_fst normalizer offensive_word_normalizer phonelist rescoring_lm symbols install-optional.sh

Edit 1: If I'm wrong, feel free to explain

Removed these since I don't use Face Unlock (files related):

/optional install-optional.sh

Removed the following apks according to what I know/inspecting inside the apk:

/system /app ChromeBookmarksSyncAdapter.apk (this is what syncs Chrome bookmarks to stock browser I think) GenieWidget.apk (old Google News & Weather app) Gmail.apk GoogleEars.apk (Sound Search?) GooglePlus.apk GoogleTTS.apk QuickSearchBox.apk (Google Search app) TalkBack.apk VoiceSeachStub.apk (this comes with the Google Search app I think)

I am willing to mess around just to learn
Side note: If this is the wrong section, can someone please move it in the appropriate one, thanks in advance

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