[Q] How to Hide Folder Or Files in Android Without any Software Or App

In this thread you will read about simple and easiest way using which you can hide any folder or file in Android phone without using any software or app. So why don’t you check the steps below:

Guide to Hide Folder/Files in Android Without Software

1. First of all Open file manager of your device. I’m using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for this tutorial. (but procedure is same in all the device)

2. In File Manager, Tap on Device Storage or SD Memory Card to head over to the next step.

3. Now in My Files you need to Create New Folder with any name. But make sure to add . before the name of the folder. For Example, If you name the folder “lavish” add . and it will look like “.lavish”

4. Once folder is created you need to copy and paste all the private content in this folder an check your gallery whether its showing your photos/videos or not. Once you confirm it to be visible follow the next step

5. In option you will see Setting option, just tap on it.

6. When you click on Settings, another window will open. In this window you will notice two option Show Hidden Files and Show Hidden Extension. You need to uncheck show hidden files option which is checked by default.
Note: If you want to hide file uncheck show hidden files, and if you want to hide particular extension uncheck show hidden extension

7. Now after doing above step you will notice that the folder you created is not visible in the Windows. Now this means you have successfully hidden your private content. To confirm this, again head over to gallery and I’m sure that you will notice all the photos and videos which was visible to till 3 steps are not visible any more.

8. Whenever you want to access these files. You just need to check Show Hidden Files or Show Hidden Extension and all Folders and File become visible to you.
Note: In case, if you’re seeing the hidden files in gallery after following the above method. You just need to move the folder to another location and move it back to same location.

Check all the image and tutorial at Imgur using this link:
Credit to this guide:

So this is how you can hide folder of files in Android phone without using any software of application. Try this trick and let me know whether this was helpful or not. You can also share what other method you’re using to hide your folders and files.

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