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Hello XDA community!

I'm not quite sure if this is the right place to ask this, but I couldn't quite find a forum suited for this type of question. In any case here goes: is there any way to identify someone's email address or Google account from his/her Google Play Music ID?

Here is why I'm asking. Recently, my wife and I stayed in a hotel and at the end of our stay, my wife brought back a USB key which she assumed was mine. The USB key must have belonged to a prior patron as it was not mine. On the key, I saw that there were several family photos which seemed like they would be quite important to the owner. However, I could not find a single shred of identifying information on the key, with the exception of an "Android" folder with a "com.google.android.music" sub-folder containing a file named "._playmusicid" in it. This file contains a string of characters which appear to be a unique identifier for a Google Play Music account.

I would like to be able to identify the owner of the USB key so I can send him his data. From the photos on the card, I can only assume he is now quite far away from me (I am in Canada, he is likely in Asia somewhere), so I would send the information online. I've called the hotel, and they can't tell me who previous renters were (quite strange, given the nature of my request).

If anyone knows how to accomplish this, please let me know. Thank you!

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