ex jailbroken iphone user needs help

Hello kind strangers,

Have searched for the last two weeks for answers to my questions/needs/requirements but have come up with zilch.

Would very much appreciate your assistance.

I've rooted my htc m8 and flashed viper on it, I'm very pleased so far with the performance but and it's a big but, there are a few things lacking .

Here's a list of what I've been looking for:

1. Something that allows me to quick compose, quick reply, etc text messages from the lockscreen without me having to switch off my security password /pattern.

I've tried textra and glowfly, but none of these hit the spot.
I've been using Activator on my iPhone for years and am very surprised that Android doesn't have something similar.

Is there somethin like activator that allows you to make your own custom gestures as well as allowing you to change the functions of your hardware buttons?
Viper allows you to limited gestures etc, I want to be able to do gestures etc on my lockscreen, that actually opens apps and does things as opposed to taking me through the unlock process (am I goin too far now?:/)

2. I haven't used tasker yet due to being so new to Android, but have heard great things about it and will be looking into this more.
I'm assuming tasker allows users to swap profiles?

3. Multiwindows: I understand that Omni Rom comes with this function, but I don't want this Rom:/

What would be the best way to multitask without having to flash another rom?

4. What's the best floating app that you guys have used?

5. I really like customising my phone, viper does allow this , but is there another Rom that does this better without me losing sense? I thought I would dislike sense but it's started to grow on me.

6. Lockscreen apps - I've looked at both widgetlocker and dashclock and none of them appeal cause of the lack of security.
Is there somethin g that intergrates with the stock lockscreen, which will display notifications better, allow theming , widgets, as well as help with point 1 (quick compose and quick reply etc)?

I apologise in advance for the noobish questions, but I've spent more than a week searching for the answers and haven't found anything.

Would very much appreciate your input and thank you for taking the time to read this post.


Swat Valley

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