[TOOLS] [LINUX, MAC, WINDOWS] Knives & Forks - v. 12.02.04

Knives & Forks

Knives & Forks is a set of Android tools for everyone. Every operating system, every device.

This cross-platform Android toolkit, written in Python, that is designed to work in Linux, Mac OS X or Windows. I wanted to create something that was unique, and offered a consistent and feature-filled set of tools for Android devs no matter what operating system they use, and for as many Android devices as possible.

I just started work on this project, so it doesn't do very much yet. Right now we are just focusing on getting drivers and adb installed for as many devices as we can on all three platforms. Once we have adb working for everyone, the real fun can begin as we start to add more device tools that will make use of adb, such as rooting. Eventually ROM customization tools will be added, but we are focusing on device tools and cross-platform compatibility at this time.

View the changelog to see a list of included drivers. The only device that I can confirm is compatible with this script in Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows is the Samsung Galaxy S II, Sprint Epic 4G Touch. This just so happens to be my personal phone, but as I gather feedback I will create an official list of supported devices.


This project is now being hosted by the Android Creative Syndicate. An up to date link to the most current version of the script, installation instructions for Linux, Max OS , and Windows, and other information can be found . Registration is not required at the ACS forum to download or view installation instructions. You are free to reply in the thread you are reading right now if you don't want to register for another forum.


You should be able to open up your terminal application (or command prompt) and run some adb commands. In the future we will be automating adb commands for you, but for now you can try the following as a simple test:

adb reboot

If everything worked, your Android device should reboot. For further reading on what you can do with adb you can read .



    Download my script, test it, let me know what happens. Let me know what other features/tools I should add.

    Hit the thanks button if you like what I'm doing here.
  • DONATIONS - I don't currently have a link to send me money, but I could quickly set something up if somebody decides they want to help me feed my kid. I am recently unemployed, but I am not relying on my scripting skills to feed my family. Save your cash for a more worthy project, or tuck it away and wait until the project turns into something amazing.


    If my script isn't getting adb setup for your device, let me know where to download the correct Windows driver and/or what udev rules I need to add in Linux.

    The next phase of this project will be automating the rooting process. If you know the process for rooting your device, please share the details.


Please do not reply by saying something like "This looks awesome, I'm going to download it now!".

Just download it, test it out, and then tell me about it.

If my script works for you, please don't post something like "It worked for me, this is the best thing since sliced bread!".

At the moment all my script will do is install adb and drivers for your device. In order to test please uninstall any drivers you may have already installed, run my script, then reply with the following information:

  • Operating System (including version and 32-bit or 64-bit architecture)
  • Android Device
  • If you open up a terminal/command prompt window and enter the following command, does your device reboot? If not, do you receive any error messages (while running that command or at any phase of running the Kinves & Forks script)?

    adb reboot

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