Huawei Sonic U8650 - (root, custom rom, integrate flash, general topic)

First of all I would like to apologize for not so perfect English
I have U8650 and i would like to make this topic general topic for it. I know there are few topics but there is no much info in them.

I have made same topic on croatian forum for phones so i think it will be better if its on xda because there are much more people that are good in cooking cracking etc.

So lets begin

Detailed specifications can be seen on the , however, the battery is [B]1400mAh[/ B] and not 1250 (i have sent email to gsmarena to change it but nothing hapend...)

ROOT and the original ROM

After playing with the phone I wanted too root it, after a good deal of trouble, and around 40 readed topics (without overdoing it) I came up with some knowledge, of course the problem is that the phone is currently on only few markets. (spain, croatia, turkey, australia and china i think)

To root U8650 you should flash it with original Rom, Spanish devices dont need original rom to root dont know why it is but it is


It is necessary to download an official ROM

After you download it unrar it and dload folder copy to memory card

Path should look like \ dload \ update

to flash device you need to

turn it off
remove the battery for 5 seconds
put the battery back in
press the buttons "VOL +" + "VOL-" + "ON" (all three keys at once)
and will start automatic firmware upgrade

for 3-4 minutes cell is debranded

If you get error not found firmware that means that you did not put the firmware on the SD card like you should (I got it a few times) just off the device and repeat the procedure.


After flashing unbranded firmware we can throw at root

software needed for the root

This is similar to debranding.

download root file
Put it on SD card
turn off the phone
remove the battery for 3 seconds
Press "VOL +" + "ON" (without the vol-)
When you open the "bios like" menu use the volume keys up/down to select the update from memory card called root
after this procedure just reboot the phone and you have rooted phone


My wife is on vip network so I had need to unlock cell
Recommendation for Tibor Szabo's

[Email] [/ email]

contact the man, he tells you to pay € 13 at [email] [/ email]

Send him mail with the payment for approximately 12 hours with you (he said 2-3 days al always come to 24h)

if this is forbiden on xda i will remove it

If you have any questions please ask, this all is wrote on xda and some other forums i just put all together
Do not think i am responsible if anything goes wrong I have done in exactly those steps and everything works normally. Everything you do yo do at your own risk.

So: D after a slightly longer introduction with u8650 came the day to put Custom rom.

Of course, for custom rom you will need root thus described above tutorial.

After puting custom rom phone is like 20% faster

few main features

Integrated flash (load all ads from the flash) loads test flash from Adobe i didnt test it much more because yesterday i put custom firmware
new driver for the camera from turkcell that means 5MP camera resolution
Better battery life
overclock processors at 780MHz (you can set it manualy)

Here is the complete list of modifications that is taken with
In principle, this entire tutorial is taken from Zadkyn and translated becuse he is hard spanish guy nothing is on english he is not very good at answering questions but thanks to him we have custom roms and all the improvements.

list of improvements (in English)


Overall performance improved a lot (it is also the little battery somprendente Spends now even with the 3G)
-Changed icons graphically and manufactures factory setting, added percentage battery icon factory
-Added adobe flash compatible and running (with the strip overlock well)
-Lower spending on drums (set the minimum cpu for this)
-Restored and changed some other applications (all zipiling passed by lower consumption of RAM)
-GPU rendering enabled
Battery-drain slower, less consumption.
Grate black-on camera to make photo with overlock fixed
Overlock-stable up to 780 (no more restarts) to give to more than 722 problems.
-Added and removed other applications
Overlock-Kernel to 844
-Operates any headphones
New menu-configuration, more optimized and icons removed rom China.
Bootanimation custom-added, now you can put your wish bootanimation
-Added run-part BusyBox
-Added Apps2SD
Added bash-shell
Zipalign all-in app
New-look graphic
Huawei-optimized new launcher (and consumed as Zeami or less)
-Fix bootanimation
Init.d-scripts folder added
Scrip-added ramscrip
-Applications optimized to consume less RAM
-Data Applications (to uninstall and market updates)
-Added new root
Application-Acrchivos disassembler (ODEX files only is crap and problems)
Removed sea processes on startup
-Original Sources
-Some of deleted applications including Telstra
-Optimize graphics
New Market-added
New menu-bright
-Back to the white menu
-Implement improvements in order to run 3D accelerated 3D notification bar
Added applications-highly recommended.
-More RAM optimized for removing (less processes on startup)
Optimized sub-mic, and works well, you can check any call recording.
Completely changed-Topic icons like systems.
-Removed garbage Telstra [/ color]
, As implemented VoIP, voice dial ip menu to call.
Configuraccion-optimized menu and changed the color to black.
To-quality photos and video recording improved.
Jpg Image-Viewer improved.
-Pixel camera increased significantly (software, which the Turks have for any)
Best answer-ram and optimization (42m).
-Red 2 g 3g and improved (more coverage)
Energia-saving implemented.
Netfilter-range increased.
Less force-closure errors in some applications as well as more support.
-Some more things.

I put 1.5 version because it has corrected a couple of bugs.

Biggest object is that he removed default camera app imho it's not a problem because you can instal lg camera.

So here is tutorial

What you will not learn from linked topic (and I found out by sheer luck) is that you need to install drivers and custom "bios" to be able to put custom rom

So first things first

You will need to do procedure in this topic

First download the driver for Windows 7
So these are the drivers that you install and run you will have a screen with two options press instal drivers

If you have XP and these drivers dont work download this

I have W7 so I leave to you if this is working for xp (it should work because no one has yet complained )

The second step is to download this file unzip it and run Instalador.bat

You have fine hacker green screen and bunch of Spanish. luckily it doesn't interest us. Go to the next step and that is putting the phone in Fastboot mode.

The third step unplug the battery cell out/in pressing VOLUME - (or the volume down) and the power button and hold for 10 seconds.

it will show you only the Huawei logo and it should only show you that.

Step Four Connect the mobile phone with the USB cable, wait until computer detects it and after a few seconds go ti fine spanish green screen and press any key

It will flash "bios" of the phone it should be ready in a minute or two there is no hurry.
then reset the cell and you should have a fine new "bios".

Check this by turning off cell battery out / in and press the Volume + (volume up) and the power button for 10 seconds.
It should appear with orange letters like from the picture

After you have fine new "bios" you want to put fine new rom

The first step with this rom download

The second step is to put the zip in the root of your memory card.

The third step going into the BIOS mod So turn off the cell battery out / in the volume + power button for 10 seconds.

You get orange letter menu now navigate with the volume + and - and with the power Buton you confirm it.

The fourth step choose the factory data wipe, then wipe the cache and then advanced wipe devil cache (not the exact name but you will seen it)
Each time when you choose wipe you need to confirm it, always navigate to yes i want to wipe.

Fifth step Return to start of the BIOS and select the custom recovery and navigate to the zip file called zadkin and select it.

When you choose it will start to flash for me lasted about 4minute when it's finished, reboot the system and if everything went well (and there is no reason why not) you will get the boot menu with zad logo.

For first time cell loaded few minutes so patience.

After that you have a nice Costum rom that is faster and more economical with better battery life stronger processor and better camera

If you have questions feel free to shoot.

The same as in the first part of post you do all on yours risk and I am not responsible for any problems and errors. I did everything according to these instructions and I got what i wanted.

codes for the service menu

*#*# 2846579 #*#*

code for the info on your phone

*#*# 4636 #*#*

All of this is wroted on few forums and i just wanted to put all in one place on the most visited forum for android (xda)
Also i would very like if someone with more expirience can read this tutorial and suggest something.

one more thing that i left out is RAM limitation and i hope to get some answers about that.

also if this helps someone feel free to thank me

Best regards

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