Use GPS apps that require google logcation services without google location services.

Hello there!

I've searched the internet for answers but have not been able to find a clear one, so I figured may as well ask it where the experts reside. Google doesn't stop tracking you no matter what privacy settings you have on your account, and google location services offer nothing except data to Google. When I have my GPS enabled my cell towers aren't going to be more accurate and there is no WiFi on the highway unless there is a guy in a van blasting it, or some modern cars with electronic breaks that will kill you when the power dies. I don't like having my GPS enabled constantly and I can't turn on WAZES or Google Maps without Google location services. Everywhere I look people just say to not use Google and certainly I know how to do that, except that the GPS solutions that don't require Google location services are quite frankly, from my experience, inferior.

Is there a way to force apps to not use Google location services, or to spoof Google location being enabled without it actually being enabled? Is there a way to just stop it from transmitting anything to Google (I understand that with Google maps some data will still have to be transmitter but I don't use Google maps often)? If not, can we at least stop it from enabling wifi scanning?

Thanks in advance for any time and thoughts you put into this problem.

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