How to rid this annoying Oreo 8.1 notification?

TIM is my carrier and I suspended my data plan temporarily when I still had Android 7x. After I upgraded to Oreo 8.1.0 this notification about the carrier being not present started to appear. I don't know and couldn't find how it reads in English, so I'll try to translate it from Brazilian Portuguese the best way I can for you to get what I'm talking about. It says:

Smartphone services
No service
The selected network (TIM) is not available

If I tap this notification, it shows a Mobile network page with all options grayed out. If I swipe to the side, it shows two icons: a gear and a clock.

If I tap the gear, I get the message: Smartphone Services - Notifications - Notifications of this app cannot be turned off.

If I tap the clock, I can choose to snooze the notification for 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 2 hours, the default being 1 hour. I always choose 2 hours, but obviously it comes back after that.

I wonder if there's any way to get rid of this annoying notification. It's the kind of thing that developers do not seem to consider in terms of user experience. Of course I know the TIM network is not available, I have requested to suspend it myself, I do not need a notification telling me this permanently!

I suppose this notification should serve other situations, like when the network becomes unavailable because the device is outside the coverage area. But to make a notification that cannot be turned off only for this seems like an exaggeration.

I was thinking: if I remove the microSD card, will I end it? But if I do this will I lose other features of the smartphone or the system?

Is there some third-party solution for this?


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