Contemplating Move to Android - still have questions

I've been researching moving to Android. I'm trying to thoroughly research this because I have a significant number of Apple products in the house including several iPads, iPod Touch a Macbook Pro and an iMac. Here are the areas that are important I was/am confused about, some of which I think I have answers for.

iMessage - very important because my daughter only has an iPod touch. Google hangouts seems like it is the answer. We've tested the text messaging and video chat and it seems to work well so problem solved. A couple of remaining questions though (not as critical for me). Does hangouts (or any other app_ allow for an SMS text to show up on my iPad? IE, if someone texts me will it show up on my iPad, like iMessages does. If a group message is sent from iMessage, can I respond with my Android phone to the entire group?

Facetime - again important because my daughter has an iPod touch. Google hangouts seemed to work well.

Music - seems like Google Play is the answer. My understanding is that I can get Google play to monitor my music library so that if a new purchase is made and downloaded to my music, it will show up in Google Play automatically - correct?

Photos - I'm still confused on this one. I want a situation similar to photostream where everything is automatically synced. I thought about dropbox. I can easily use automator on my iMac to monitor my dropbox folder and automatically import photos in Aperture (which then automatically get into the photostream). However, my understanding is that the dropbox App will not auto-upload photos from the Android Phone unless you open the App - correct? So I also researched Google Drive and/or Google+ photos and I am confused. I've read that photos will auto-upload (without opening an App) via Google+ photos. Is there a way to get those same photos to sync on my local machine so that Aperture can monitor that folder and auto-import the photos? I have a local Google Drive folder (which seems to work just like Dropbox) but photos in Google+ don't show up in Google Drive, as far as I can tell.

I appreciate the help.

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