New to US, New to Android

I have just moved to US bay area from UK and am looking to buy my first Android phone. I don't have contracts so I am free to choose any career and phone. I used Iphone for about 4 months but I want to move to Android, now that its more mature and more importantly is OPEN. I am a techie and like the flexibility which Android provides.

Have been doing lot of reading about phones/carriers and was waiting to jump on Thunderbolt (people giving very good reviews of HTC, HTC Sense and Verizon) but Motorola came up with these super phones and ruined it! I will be moving back to UK in maybe 2-3 years but I guess there will be "quad core phones with 100 TB of RAM which control your mind" out by then! So maybe, I should not worry about putting an O2 sim in my phone once I move back!

I have also read lot of bad press for moto blur, though I have not seen it and don't know why people crib about motoblur. I usually read "oh it has motoblur: I am out!" kind of comments without telling what exactly is wrong with it. I am not really sold on Motorola (I did have motorzr at one point and hated it). I have to travel (not a lot but once every 4-5 months) and would prefer if my phone works there.

So here are my options:
1) Verizon : Thunderbolt, Bionic, Samsung 4g
2) Sprint Evo
3) ATT: Atrix, HTC Inspire, Samsung Infuse

Network Pros n Cons
ATT: I am in bay area (San Jose) and have been using ATT for the time being. I do get an occasional call drop but nothing to be alarmed about. Also, I can insert a gsm sim in ATT phone when I travel. No 4G on ATT yet. Have not traveled much, so don't know how good or bad their network is around and outside the city

Sprint & Verizon
I have a few friends on Sprint and no one has given bad reviews about Sprint and they just love their Evo. Very good reviews of Verizon's network coverage. I also found that Verizon and Sprint CDMA phones will not work in UK or Asia.

Phones Pros n Cons
Samsung: 4g, brilliant displays but known to have issues with GPS, slow updates. One on verizon is dual core, not sure about Infuse

HTC: 4g, Known for good UI experience, build quality and regular updates but have read bad reviews about camera. They don't have a dual core out yet, screens are not at par with Samsung and Moto. TB does not have HDMi port (correct me if I am wrong)

Motorola: Best specs right now. Dual Core, DDR2 RAM, HDMI port, nice display (better than Samsung?), World Phone (is this quad band?) Bad reviews of Moto Blur

Help Help Help!

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